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How to get rid of stretch marks!

Any kind of stretch marks is a women’s worst nightmare! From down ways, sideways, up ways no matter what, no women wants them! Although they are usually battle scars from pregnancy sadly they are not wanted at all! So lets just imagine you look down and see stretch marks, what do you do?!

Prevention before is best.

Yes yes I know, right now you are thinking “really”.. This is possibly the worst advice I could give. But let's think about it this way, If you know in advance that you will be getting stretch marks (For example pregnancy) and you are wanting to keep your body in good shape, there are methods to do.. For example keeping your skin soft and clean and ensure that you look after it on a regular basis. Getting the correct vitamins and omega lotions to boost the skin always helps too! Using unique oils from around the world works to expand the skin allowing it not to receive stretch marks! But obviously you focus on the key area’s such as stomach and sides.



Diet is everything! Healthy nonstretch marked skins starts from the diet. Eating healthy foods with good fats for example eggs, peanut butter, nuts helps fortify your skin. Also a lot of doctors always recommend that you get your daily dosage of vitamin C and also get iron and zinc tablets.

Also part of your diet must be the drinking! No fizzy juice... It's best to drink water. Preferably 3 liters per day, avoiding all energy drinks when possible. The reason for this is because when you drink an energy drink, it counteracts the water you have drank. When drinking water your skin gets elasticity which makes it super soft and prone not to get stretch marks! (GO IN THE KITCHEN AND GET WATER!)

Take steps now! The longer you wait for the worst it will get. Treat your stretch marks as a battle wound, would you leave it? Or get it fixed? I think we both know the answer to that one. Again it probably bests that you get all your acids and vitamins but also trying different types of jells always works a treat!

Covering up…

If you want a fast fix then why not cover your stretch marks with makeup? Bronzer usually does the trick. You need to make sure that you have a good selection of makeup to do so... For example, light and dark shades to make your skin look natural as possible. Please not.. This is not a long term fix and we advise you take the steps above!!

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How to curl your hair! The correct way!!

How to curl that amazing hair of yours!

How good does long hair look! Lets be honest, its georgous and beautiful when its curled! but its harder than it looks! (We all know this). The method to getting to the curly hair look isnt always friendly to our hair and if done wrong will most definaitly take damage! The heat from the tools used can damage the hair if used for too long, or if the tempeture is too high. This would leave your hair in a bad condition! But to avoid this you can follow the steps in this article to give your hair a new glamourous look! To save your hair from damage our makeup team has fixed up amazing tips to give your hair the stlye it deserves!


Rag rollers, old fashioned right?! but it still is a very effective method of curling your hair! and it works just as good as it used too! You need to cut a few inches wide of a tshirt, roll one inch of it into your hair. You then continue to roll until you reach the skalp. Continue doing this all away around your head and you are done! Next is the easy part.. You can sleep and leave the rag rollers in over night! Wake up in the morning (BOO!) then undo each strip carefully and check yourself out in the mirror! If you were going on a nightout you could do makeup after rolls are in, then take them out a few hours later! 


Simple, find a headband that you have lying about, wrap it around your head, start bring it up slowly and tuck each section of your hair into the headband. Once you are done all your hair should be rolled up! Sleep on it over night and BANG you will have curls in the morning.

Braid hair?

Ok.. so you have obviously seen braided hair before, question is.. did you do it succesfully? First thing you need to do is make sure you hair is a little damp, so that the braid you do lasts for alot longer! Or you could leave in condition on your hair which helps it smooth and easier to put into a braid! Now its turn to make the braids, simply tie it around your hair and keep going, secure your hair with a hair tie! Now its time for you to do your makeup!!

Using Twist Curls!

When you finish a shower comb your hair, apply some styling cream.. then twist each small section into the roots, Place a pin and sleep on them! Unroll in the morning and Damnn. Its done!